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The Founder

This is a page about Trucking, — My 50 years and millions of miles over the road, along with stories and photos from that time in my life.

Bill Weatherstone

To some, it may not be of interest, but to others it may fascinate. To me it was a great experience, and I would not change it one bit. Except to perhaps do it all over again.

I was not an astronaut, nor was I a genius of any sort. I was not schooled to any degree (you can learn about freight broker training here). I did have a lot of bad times, but the good times and fun outweighed the latter.

I enjoyed life as I experienced it. Scary times as well as the good times. I came close to being killed more than once. I have been shot at, run over by a runaway motor boat, almost froze to death more than once, and I have smoked and drank myself to the edge of extinction, but had enough foresight to finally pull myself back to reality. My wife was more tolerant and helpful to me, than I had imagined. For that I am truly thankful.